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Saul Good Restaurant & Pub - Fayette Mall Fayette Mall

Fayette Mall

  • 3801 Mall Road
  • Lexington, Kentucky 40503
  • (859) 273-4663

Who is Saul Good?

As legend has it, Saul Good was born on the east coast many years ago. Saul’s father, who owned a jewelry store, dreamed of having his son someday take over the family business. So every day, Saul dutifully learned his father’s trade. On special days, father and son would treat themselves at their favorite local pub to share their thoughts on everyday life. But mostly, they would share Saul’s favorite things – food and drink!

Good to Experience Life

Eventually, Saul took over his father’s jewelry store. While Saul continued to travel the world purchasing jewels, he sought out local restaurants, sampling the chef’s “favorites”. He discovered that nothing accompanied great food better than a finely crafted glass of ale, lager or stout. And while in Belgium (a country that just happens to be famous for diamonds, beer and chocolate), Saul became enchanted by the taste, aroma and allure of chocolate, and made it his mission to find the most unique chocolate confection to finish off a perfect meal — or to begin one with dessert first!

Good to Follow Your Dreams

And that’s when Saul decided to make his own dream come true: to open up a gathering spot for people to enjoy music, delicious food, his perfectly blended drink, and savor his delectable chocolate with friends and family. A place where Saul can relive the camaraderie he and his father had shared so many years ago.

Good to Make it a Reality

So Saul converted his shop into the kind of establishment his father would have loved: Saul Good Restaurant & Pub. The rest is history. And every time Saul asks a guest “How good is it?”, they’d say, “It’s Saul Good!” He knew all was right with the world.

Where to Find Us

Fayette Mall

3801 Mall Road
Lexington, KY 40503

(859) 273-4663

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