Specialty Drinks

Join us anytime and experience one of our own custom drinks that are so ‘GOOD’ you can’t just have one. Cheers!

The Vodka One

Skyy Vodka, cranberry juice, ginger puree and lime juice. Garnished with an edible flower and rose sugar.


The Tequila One

Teremana Tequila, lime juice, blackberries, jalapeño slices, and agave nectar. Rimmed with salt and garnished with a blackberry.


The Bourbon One

Four Roses, rosemary simple syrup, orange bitters, and a lemon. Garnished with a rosemary spring and lemon rind.


The Gin One

Empress Gin, lavender simple syrup, tonic water, and lime juice. Garnished with an edible orchid and rimmed with lavender seeds.


The Rum One

Cruzan Rum, pomegranate syrup, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, triple sec, and club soda


The Spirit-Free One

Grapefruit juice, Ale 8, mint leaves, and simple syrup.